Several German parliamentarians arrived with a visit to the Russian-occupied Crimea on February 3. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Interethnic Relations of the so-called State Council of Crimea Yuri Hempel earlier informed that 10 deputies of the land parliaments of North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin and Brandenburg would come to Crimea.

Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrij Melnik called the visit of German deputies from the party Alternative for Germany to the occupied Crimea as "criminal legal action". He made a corresponding statement on his Twitter page.

Melnik addressed the Head of the Berlin branch of the party George Pazdersky with an appeal to distance himself from the actions of the deputy of the Berlin parliament Hugh Bronson, who visited the Russia-annexed Crimea.

“Mr. Georg Pazderski , hope that you will distance yourself from your colleague Hugh Bronson's AfD adventurous journey to the occupied Ukrainian Crimea. Such criminal actions harm the AfD massively, therefore must be publicly condemned and not be tolerated,” reads the message.

Reportedly, three German deputies of the regional parliaments of Berlin, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia from the party "Alternative for Germany" will stay in the Crimea until February 9.

Source: Deutsche Welle