During an hour of questions to the government, MP Andrey Ilienko with "Freedom" Political Party touched upon a state funding of the occupied territories of Ukraine, reported a QHA correspondent.

- I want to ask the economic block of the government a question. Recently, Roman Bezsmertnyi, who is involved in so-called Minsk talks, said that UAH 34 billion has been allocated to the occupied territories although this sum would be enough to finance another one army. Thus, are we financing the Russian-separatist army? Asked Ilienko.

In turn, Minister of Social Policy Pavel Rozenko assured that these funds will be channeled to pay pensions and social assistance to IDPs.

- 34 billion - this is the total amount of funds allocated to the settlers as pensions and social grants. According to the SBU data, a significant part of the funds, which is about 15-20%, passes through criminal schemes, which involve local Ukrainian officials who manage earmarked money and transfer them to "LPR" and "DPR." That is why the Ministry of Social Policy has been actively fighting against it over the past three weeks. A similar criminal scheme, which involved 20 people, has been exposed in the city of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region. We are not fighting against the IDPS, we are fighting against these machinations. Our stance is tough - the financing of terrorism using budget funds of Ukraine is unacceptable, said Pavel Rozenko.

Photo: QHA