Prior to the UN vote on the resolution on the Crimea, the British Foreign Office published a video on the annexed peninsula.

The statement of the Foreign Ministry says that Russia continues to illegally occupy the Crimea and violates human rights there.

"Russia continues to illegally occupy Crimea and abuse human rights. We call on the international community to act and support today's UN Resolution "

Published video tells that, 18 politically motivated arrests have been conducted and 11 sentences delivered to Crimean activists in 2017 in Crimea.

“The UN demands the release of all unlawfully detained prisoners, including those illegally transferred across internationally-recognized bodrers into Russia, and to end all persecution of Crimean Tatars. Russia continues to violate international law. The UK calls on the international community to support the UN resolution on human rights in Crimea and stay the course on Ukraine . Crimea is Ukraine,” the video says.

Reportedly, On 14 November, at the meeting of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, an updated draft resolution on human rights in the annexed Crimea was adopted. 71 countries favored the adoption of the document, 25 were against and 77 abstained, as a result of voting.

Dmytro Kuleba, the representative of Ukraine in the Council of Europe, noted that the new UN resolution on the Crimea was very important for the Council of Europe, as it delivers a clear signal about necessity to increase and not to reduce pressure on Russia.