The Ukrainian government included the return of the Russia-annexed Crimea and liberation of temporarily occupied areas of Donbas to the medium-term action plan until 2020, the Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, December 28, QHA correspondent reports.

“Donbas and the Crimea - in a few words, I can say - liberation and reintegration both social and informational. There is a strategy, which is approved and incorporated in the action plan, which we will implement in the next three years,” Groisman said and urged all the ministries to work on the task.

The Cabinet of Ministers has once again unanimously endorsed the road map for the development of information strategy for the reintegration of Crimea, which is a major achievement of Ministry for Information Politics.

“It is important to involve as many experts and public figures as possible in the process of discussion and development of the document. This is our common task - not to allow forget about the Crimea,” said the first Deputy Minister of Information Politics Emine Dzhaparova.

The completed road map for the development of the Crimea information reintegration strategy will be presented in March 2017, according to Dzhaparova.

Minister of Information Policy Yuriy Stets stressed that the Crimean and the Crimean Tatars issues will remain a priority in the work of his department until the de-occupation of the peninsula.

Due to the recent advances in information support of the Crimean matters in the media it is worth noting the launch of the Crimean Tatar editorial of the channel UA | TV. The editorial daily publishes news in the Crimean Tatar language and prepares projects to broadcast the achievements of Ukraine in the fields of culture and tourism.