The head of the puppet government of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov has appointed a new so-called "Minister of Transport".
The position is now occupied by Yuri Ovsyannikov, who previously worked in Moscow.

According to Aksyonov, Ovsyannikov will face a "difficult task".

“The task is difficult, but realistic, knowing your experience, your work at the Moscow Administrative Road Inspection, I think that you have a good practice, well-characterized by your colleagues - we have provided references. We hope that you will bring order,” Aksyonov greeted the new "minister".

Earlier Ovsyannikov headed the Moscow Administrative Road Inspection, and also worked as the head of the department of the Civil Servant Company "Administrator of the Moscow parking space".

Recently occupiers have appointed a new "Head" of Yalta. The so-called Yalta City Council, at its meeting, approved the temporary acting head of the city administration Aleksei Chelpanov instead of Yelena Sotnikova, who was dismissed.