Valeriy Heletey, Head of Ukraine’s State Guard Administration, commented on the events outside the Verkhovna Rada as of August, 31.

- As a rule, the provocateurs inciting to radical actions can always be found in an angry crowd. Being in the crowd of protesters, at that moment it was hard to get what was really going on and what was thrown in the direction of the officers of the Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry, whether these were smoke grenades, smoke-puff charges or grenades, he said.

Heletey also said that it would have been a big risk to seize a soldier Igor Gumenyuk, suspect of throwing a grenade outside Verkhovna Rada, while being in large crowd.

- The only right decision was to escort the suspect to a comfortable and safe place for his detention, and it was done. But if the suspect suddenly had started throwing grenades - one after another, we would have seized him right at the spot and might have been forced to use weapons, explained Heletey.

Earlier on, Valeriy Heletey said that the parliament was making a series of laws to strengthen the citizens’ security during public events.