The Military Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (MIVD) in its annual report informed that Russian efforts to destabilize the Netherlands, Europe and the North Atlantic Alliance are rather significant.
Intelligence claims that over the past year hundreds of hacker attacks by Russia have been committed against the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs. At the same time, Russia more often uses a hybrid war and improves its military potential.
Moreover, Russian hackers monitor the work of Dutch companies specializing in the production of weapons systems, but Russia denies these charges, the report says.
Military intelligence also warns that "the Russian Federation is spreading more and more false messages":
“This situation was, in particular, true after the crash of the MH17 aircraft. Three years ago the plane of Malaysian airlines, which flew from Amsterdam, was shot down in the Donetsk region.”
Major General Onno Eichelsheim believes that Russia wants to maintain influence in neighbouring countries and seeks to significantly reduce the role of NATO, because it feels threatened. In addition, Russia makes efforts to be considered a military superpower that can participate in large-scale conflicts.
Earlier, QHA reported that April 24, Denmark accused Russia of hacking the mail of the Ministry of Defense.
PHOTO: Internet