The European Commission asked the Middle East countries to provide the financial support to overcome the migration crisis. The EU say that through special Zakat alms, which are paid in Muslims communities in favor of the needy, EUR 600 billion were collected last year, said the Deputy Head of the EU Commission Kristalina Georgieva as cited by Handelsblatt.

- Only 1% of this sum directed to the refugee needs will help to plug humanitarian gapes in assistance to migrants, said Kristalina Georgieva.

Deputy Chairman with the EU Commission stressed that the EU has already reached its limit. According to her, the EU representatives have scratched together every cent and doubled the funds for combating the refugee crisis from EUR 4.5 billion to EUR 9.2 billion. Further reallocation of funds can be discussed not earlier than in 2016, said Georgieva.

Earlier on, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also voiced such requests to the countries of the Arab world, calling on them to intervene in the fate of millions of refugees in need. According to him, in addition to Europe, the Middle East countries, which bear the lion's share of the responsibility, also ought to express the solidarity.