Russia is prepared to take a crucial step and close all joint business projects, as well as to completely abandon the military cooperation with Turkey due to the incident with Russian Su-24 warplane, Kommersant reports referring to high-ranking sources in the state structures. 

The source of the publication in the Russian presidential administration insists that decisions taken with regard to Ankara will undoubtedly be tough, and will have a serious impact on Russian-Turkish relations. 

According to him Gazprom will review the feasibility of further implementing Turkish Stream gas pipeline project. 

The largest energy deal between the two countries on the construction of the first Turkish Akkuyu nuclear plant by Rosatom is also under the threat of failure. The cost of this deal is estimated at $ 22 billion, making it the largest ever transaction in the portfolio of the Russian state corporation.

Turkey, in turn, may limit the course of Russian ships through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, which will affect the supplies for Russia's Hemeimeem air base. However, Turkey may impose a total ban only if it engages in an open war.