Forceful methods involving formations not subordinated to state force structures, were used against the protesters in the first months after the occupation, one of the report authors, CHRG analyst Aleksander Sedov stated.

“On May, 2014, local authorities just banned the holding of any mass events. On November, 2015, Simferopol city administration repeated the ban”, the expert reminded.

The occupation authorities took the easy way and adopted the resolution on reducing the places where mass events can be held at the local level, according to Aleksander Sedov.

“They reduced almost a half: only 360 from 700 areas, allowed for holding actions, have remained," Sedov said.

The analyst resumed that this order deprived the Crimeans of the opportunity to hold protest actions near the local authorities.
Experts pointed out that mainly Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian activists arranged protest actions and occupiers apply maximum restrictions against them.

In particular the Head of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in the Crimea Leonid Kuzmin and Crimean Tatar activist Osman Izmaylov repeatedly faced pressure.

On the Deportation Day of May 18 Izmaylov installed a Crimean Tatar flag with a black ribbon on the car in memory of those killed as a result of the genocide. Russia Roads Patrol Service officers stopped his car and demanded to remove the flag, explaining this by the fact that the flag distracts attention of other drivers.

“I was charged with absurd accusations that my car is not designed to carry flags. They threatened ... But nobody from the Roads Patrol Service could clearly explain what laws I had violated".

Leonid Kuzmin noted that Russian occupation authorities in Crimea allowed his organization to hold a concerted action only once in three years:

“We made attempts on reconciling of seven peaceful actions with the authorities. Only once we succeeded. We held a public event on Taras Shevchenko birthday in 2015”.

As a result the organizer of the action, devoted to Shevchenko's birthday in Simferopol Leonid Kuzmin, was fired for "inconsistent with job" from the Simferopol school, where he worked as a history teacher.

Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on April 18, 2017, the Deputy of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Sergiy Kyslytsya reminded that Russia is constantly violating human rights in the occupied Crimea.

“The occupation power in the Crimea is engaged in numerous violations of human rights and attempts to destroy the identity of the Crimean Tatars, the indigenous people”,  he said.

Kyslytsya called on the UN Security Council to pay special attention to the problem of human rights violations in the annexed peninsula.

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