The court for cancellation of the trade blockade of Crimea is to be held today. Activists of the Civil Blockade of Crimea say that if the court lifts the blockade by its decision, they will block the administrative border with the peninsula.

Alexander Liev, ex-Minister for Resorts and Tourism in Crimea, shared his opinion on Facebook:

“If the court satisfies our request for the suspension of the Resolution under appeal, then Crimeans will be allowed to move freely again through the conditional border between the mainland Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula starting February 3, 2016,” he wrote.

Liev says that if the court grants the request, the ban on the transfer of personal property will be lifted.

“People will be able to calmly and without problems leave the occupied territory with their legitimate property,” he says.

It was reported earlier that the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1035 to ban the supply of goods and services to occupied Crimea came into effect on January 16, 2016. The ‘February 20 Human Rights Group’, initiated a claim for cancellation of the Resolution. The consideration of the claim will take place in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv today, February 3, 2016.