In an interview with "Glavkom" the Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov told how the self-proclaimed Head of annexed Crimea Sergey Aksyonov tried to make him side with the invaders.

Umerov was holding the post of the Head of Bakhchisaray District Council from 2005 until the beginning of August, 2014. Following the arrival of the illegal Russian Administration Ilmi Aga was forced to leave the office. He put a trident seal of the Ukrainian Council in his employment record.

According to Umerov, Aksyonov urged him to stay in office.

- Sergey Aksyonov tried to persuade me to continue holding office as the Head of Bakhchisaray District, but only under the sole condition: I had to stop giving interviews in which I call them the invaders, and name the annexation of Crimea - the annexation. That is, the condition was as follows: keep your mouth shut and continue working, said Ilmi Umerov.

He stressed that he rejected the proposal by the Kremlin puppet.

May 12, 2016 the FSS officers arrested Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov and took him to Simferopol’s FSS branch. The investigator of the FSB department gave Ilmi Umerov on bail and sent detectives to search his house.

The prosecutor's office of the ARC has studied the procedural decision of the investigative department of FSB and Ilmi Umerov suspects "in the commission of public appeals and actions aimed at changing the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Internet