(QHA) -

Deputy speaker of Crimean Parliament, ex-Mejlis member Remzi Ilyasov has supported the candidature of Sergey Aksyonov to the post of head of Crimea.

Before the voting started, Ilyasov made a speech in the Parliament urging the lawmakers to vote for Aksyonov, emphasizing his positive qualities and quality of leadership.

“I know him for more than 20 years and I would like to point out his is reliable and just person. He is a friend who would find right words in the hardest times and would always extend his helping hand”- Ilyasov said.

Ilyasov also pointed out Aksyonov’s “talent for organizing”.

“Since the creation of the movement, transforming it into a serious political force today and leading the Republic of Crimea, he showed great talent for organization. He succeeds in everything”- Ilyasov noted, stressing that Aksyonov made a success in strengthening “interethnic unity”.

“All that was done by Aksyonov shows absolutely tolerant attitude towards all the ethnic groups in Crimea, attention to their problems and their solving”- Ilyasov summed up, referring to Muslims Oraza and Kurban Bayram feasts, which were declared official holidays in Crimea.

To recall, Crimean Parliament has elected Sergey Aksyonov head of Crimea with all 75 lawmakers supported him in the vote on October 9.