In the annexed Crimea, negative statements about Ukrainians constitute 70% of the information space, human rights activist Iryna Sedova stated, as cited by a human rights organization Crimean Human Rights Group.

According to her, even calls for the destruction of some groups are recorded.

“In the study of the information space, 718 examples of language of hatred were identified in total, of which 71 were discovered on the websites of the occupation authorities. Negative statements about Ukrainians constitute 70%,” she informed.

Sedova further noted that apart from the leaders of the puppet government of Crimea, Aksyonov and Konstantinov, regarding Ukrainians as "Bandera and Nazis" who need to be destroyed, Crimean media identify Ukrainians with fascism as well.

“For example, there was a publication "Hitler is a new "hero", in which all Ukrainians are considered fascists. The newspaper "Crimean Truth", controlled by the authorities, published an article "Beat Fascist Bastards ", describing the events in the Donbas. The author believes that "the people of Donbas" is fighting the Nazi-Ukrainians.

As a consequence, such publications do not cause anything but hatred and fear, the human rights activist concludes, adding that a person can be beaten for the Ukrainian symbolism.

“We remember the case of Ihor Movenko, who was brutally beaten in Sevastopol for the fact that his bicycle had Ukrainian symbols. And when he reported the attack to the police, nobody even opened a case," she recalled.

Earlier, it was reported that on Russian channels in the Crimea, 63% of the language of hostility is directed against Muslims. Talking about Muslims in materials related to religion, Crimean journalists used the expressions "Islamists" and "Tatars-Wahhabis", and the general image of the adherents of Islam was designed as an image of terrorists capable of violence.