The exercises involving three units of the Russian Federation airborne troops, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and the Russian aerospace forces began on March 20 in the occupied Crimea at the Opuk Range, according to the Kremlin-controlled TASS news agency citing the Commander of the Airborne Forces of Russia Andrei Serdyukov.

“The exercises involve servicemen of the Novorossiysk airborne assault division, Kamyshinsky and Ulan-Ude separate landing assault brigades... For the first time in the history of the Russian army, as part of the airborne exercises, three of our units were simultaneously put on alert and partially transferred to the Crimea with standard weapons and equipment," Colonel-General of the Russian Federation said.

Allegedly, the exercises were initiated to work out the interaction of different subdivisions of the Russian troops against the terrorist threat, as well as against the invasion of the enemy's regular troops.

Earlier QHA reported that the American dock landing ship "Carter Hall" entered the Black Sea on March 17. The ship with a Marine division arrived in the region to participate in bilateral amphibious operations exercise Spring storm-17 with Romania.

PHOTO: Internet