Volunteers of the international community InformNapalm identified units of the National Guard troops and Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense Armed Forces (NBC), which are deployed on-site of 13-Feodosiya facility or Zip code 105 Enterprise. This is a former secret facility near the city of Sudak in the Kiziltash tract (Red Stone). The secret facility served as storage for nuclear bombs in the Crimea until 1994.

Finding the above units in the Feodosiya -13 facility proves that Russia plans to deploy its nuclear weapons on the territory of the occupied Crimea, the activists reported.

The activists also suppose that nuclear warheads are already in storages.

The information on the deployment of units in the Feodosiya -13 facility was obtained due to the information the serviceman with the North Caucasian Regional Command, Ilyas Khairullina shared on Instagram.

The military closed his account after the volunteers posted the revealed information.

PHOTO: InformNapalm