The press-conference was attended by Semen Semenchenko, commander of the ‘Donbass’ volunteer batallion, Andrey Senchenko, head of an ad-hoc committee charged with investigating the Illovaysk tragedy, Taras Konstanchuk, a volunteer who fought in Illovaysk, Roman Tytykalo, a lawyer in charge of a project aimed at providing legal advice to АТО personnel.

The press-conference’s participants opined that there are still questions to be answered regarding events that took place in Illovaysk from August 10, 2014, to September 3, 2014. Military Prosecutor's Office, charged with investigating the matter, is constantly dragging its feet on the investigation and failing to release its findings. Therefore, it is essential that an investigation committee be set up and parliamentary investigation held.

“As of today, all the paperwork required for new members of the investigative committee to start work has been put together. All kinds of facts, testimonies and statements made by the military personnel deployed in Illovaysk have also been gathered.

All the data point to flagrant non-observance of the laws on Ukraine’s defense, which resulted in failure to make proper defensive arrangements.

By conducting this kind of investigation, we’re trying to figure out who is to be held responsible and level charges against them. We’re also seeking to stop things, such as making decisions guaranteed to be wrong, failing to act when there is a legal duty to act, and concealing true casualty figures, from being put under wraps and make our findings publicly available,” Andrey Senchenko said.