According to one of the organizers of an anti-blockade of Crimea, which was due to take place outside Chongar checkpoint today, it never happened because its participants received multiple threats.

In an interview with QHA news agency, Lenur Islyamov, one of the organizers of a peaceful blockade of Crimea, Deputy Chairman of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars and ATR TV channel’s owner, had the following to say about the abrupt cancellation of the anti-blockade:

“Nobody has intimidated them. Actually, things are pretty peaceful down here. It’s just that paid-for public protests can never be successful. The organizers hoped they would be able to instigate people to riot, but that is futile. People will only protest if they are willing to do so and have proper convictions”.

According to the anti-blockade organizers, local taxi drivers unhappy about their vehicles being searched were supposed to be participating in the protest. However, Islyamov said the blockade’s activists experienced no problems or conflict situations with residents of the town of Genichesk.

“The locals have always supported us and the only provocations that do happen here happen because of the hostile side,” he said.