Aqmescit / Simferopol (QHA) -

- The Italian and German MPs have stated their willingness to visit Crimea, reported Sergey Aksenov, Head of the Republic of Crimea in his interview.

- Following the arrival of French MPs the willingness (to visit Crimea - ed.) was also expressed by German MPs. I am sure that in the nearest future we will be visited not only by Italian MPs, but we will host a lot of other delegations by the end of the year, said Aksenov.

- The peninsula is visited by those politicians who respect Russia and seek to dispel myths about the dangers to life and investments in Crimea, UNN quotes Aksenov.

- Everyone who was able to visit Crimea, including Mr. Hatoyama, former Japanese Prime Minister, have been made sure that to life in Crimea is safe and we have no problems, Aksenov said.