British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov argued at a press conference in Moscow over the information on Russian interference in the politics of different countries.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia was accused of interfering in political processes in the US, France and other countries, but no one provided any evidence.

"Even in the Western community, quite a few statesmen have common sense and unbiased eyes. For example, my colleague Boris Johnson recently stated that he had no evidence that had Russia interfered in the referendum on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union," he said.

To which Johnson stated that "there was no evidence of successful intervention."

"Not successfully, I think this is the word," the head of the British Foreign Ministry specified.

In turn, Lavrov noted that if Johnson does not contradict him, "his reputation in the media will be ruined at home."

“I think it is very important that you recognize Russian attempts to interfere in our referendum and elections. Whatever they were, they were unsuccessful. It seems to me that if these attempts were successful, everything would be completely different,” the head of the British Foreign Ministry reacted.

Earlier, during his visit to Moscow, the head of the British Foreign Ministry said that relations between Britain and Russia cannot return to the state of "business as usual", until Russia stops destabilizing the countries of Europe, including Ukraine.