Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechnya government, accused Instagram of breaching freedom of speech.

 “It only took a few words about US watchdogs in my Instagram post for it to get deleted. So much for the much touted freedom of speech in the US! You can write whatever you want to, but don’t you dare raise the subject of America’s leashed dogs, friends of the Department of State and Congress,” wrote Kadyrov on his Instagram page.

Instagram deleted a video Kadyrov posted on his page in which Mikhail Kasyanov, Leader of Russia’s PARNAS opposition party, and Vladimir Kara-Murza, a journalist, are seen through a sniper scope.

Instagram explained the move by saying that the video violated its rules.

“Kasyanov arrived in Strasbourg to get funding for the Russian opposition. Whoever didn’t understand will get it,” reads a caption Kadyrov posted under his video.