The organization of presidential elections in Russia will cast doubt on their legitimacy, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin stated at a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister on January 3.

“The attempt to organize these elections in the territory of the occupied Crimea, in my opinion, makes these elections very doubtful in terms of their legitimacy”.

Klimkin also believes that the Russian Federation deliberately changed the date of the election and schedulled it on the anniversary of the so-called referendum in the Crimea.

“First, Russia postponed the date of these elections on the anniversary of the illegal referendum that took place on the territory of the Crimea. This in itself is not just a provocation, but a conscious step”.

In addition, Klimkin did not exclude Russia’s provocations during the preparations for the elections.

"We perfectly understand how decisions are made in Russia, and we admit that Russia can undertake provocations, including military ones, in preparation for these elections”.

Reference: the next election of the Russian president is to be held on March 18 this year.