The Russian Federation, which occupied Crimea, will not agree to return the peninsula voluntarily. But the next scenario is possible - Russia will start disintegrating as a multinational state, and thus will try to keep its territory. Perhaps, then annexed Crimea will rejoin Ukraine as there will be no other way out, said Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of independent Ukraine, in an interview with Radio Liberty.

- I rule out the possibility that Russia can voluntarily agree to return Crimea. Crimea can split from Russia itself or get into situation when there will be no other way out. That's when Russia will have some other things to think about. Today, Crimea is an additional burden for Russia as it once was for Ukraine, said Kravchuk.

The politician recalled how during the Soviet era Crimea was "stuck" in the Ukraine.

- The Political Bureau actually forced Ukraine to take Crimea. This is my answer to those saying Crimea was given Ukraine as a present and Ukraine was so happy ... Hundreds of billions have been invested in Crimea as there were no roads, no stores, no resorts - nothing at all, everything had to be restored and re-built. And now it's being destroyed again, unfortunately. They want to turn Crimea into a Russia’s military base. This is a road to nowhere, said the former President.

Photo: Internet