The supply of American lethal weapons to Ukraine could unleash bloodshed in the Donbas, Dmitry Peskov, the presidential Press Secretary stated.

He believes that the weapons are going to be used not by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but by the "nationalists".

“Moscow's reaction to the possible supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine is well known. Perhaps this will once again warm up the already hot heads of the nationalists, who only seek the forceful method of settling in the Donbas, and absolutely deadlock actually, they want to unleash bloodshed again," Peskov stated to the journalists.

At the same time, Putin's speaker noted that he had not seen any official statements about the supply of arms from Washington.

Earlier, it was reported that the US government was approaching a change in the policy regarding the provision of defensive weapons to Ukraine.

Reference: Alexander Vershbow, the former Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an expert at Atlantic Council, the Center for US Foreign Policy Studies stated that the time has come for US President Donald Trump to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, which should be the best guard against further aggression of Russia and to help restoring Ukraine's sovereignty.