(QHA) -

The issue of self-seized land plots will be settled regardless of the nationality, Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov announced.

“We’ve conducted meeting on the issue of self-seized land in Crimea. I am sure this issue should be settled in the interest of all Crimea residents, regardless the nationality. We are to settle the issue legally and prevent such incidents (self-seizure of land,-ed.) in future”- he said.

Aksyonov also added that Crimean Parliament will initiate a decree “on regulating issues, related to self-seizure in Crimea” at the next parliament session, emphasizing that “there are 59 self-seized massifs in Crimea, of total area 1452 hectares with about 2545 constructions on it”.

Earlier, Crimean premier assured that the self-seized land plots would be legalized, while “sheds on the fields” would be pulled down.