The whole package of laws adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament on January 16 was published in the newspapers "Voice of Ukraine" and "Governmental Courier"; thus at midnight all these laws entered into force.

A day earlier, Ukrainian opposition stated that Ukrainian authorities have preliminary agreed not to publish laws, adopted by the Parliament on January 16, 2014. 

Deputy of opposition party “Batkivshchina” Andrey Pavlovskiy said that the abolishment of these laws was their pre-condition to start negotiations with President Yanukovych.

As reported, on January 16, 2014, Ukrainian Parliament passed several controversial bills in a matter of minutes by a simple show of hands.

They include:

A ban on the unauthorised installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places.

Provision to arrest protesters wearing masks or helmets.

A ban on protests involving more than five vehicles in convoy.

Hefty fines or jail for breaches of law.

The President signed the bills on January 17.