The administration of penal colony No. 17 in the town of Omutninsk in the Kirov region of the Russian Federation exerts pressure on the Crimean Ferat Sayfullaev, illegally convicted in the Sevastopol "Hizb ut-Tahrir case", who has been kept in the penitentiary since February 14, 2017.

The corresponding statement was made by the Crimean lawyer Edem Semedlyaev, who visited Sayfullaev on June 20 at the place of detention.

“At least, the administration of penal colony No. 17 exerts pressure on my client and forbids him to meet with his lawyer in private, confidentially, prevented the transfer of money as well as signing of powers of attorney to the ECHR and other international organizations.”

The lawyer further informed that Sayfullaev is currently held in a punishment cell, where he was placed for six months until September 28 for a minor violation - a sim-card discovered in his possession. Although the political prisoner observes a Muslim fast in the month of Ramadan, he is not allowed to read the Koran.

Reference: January 23, 2015 four Crimean Muslims were detained in the Crimea for the alleged involvement in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir” organization, which is recognized terrorist in Russia. Since June 1, 2016, their case has been considered in the North Caucasus District Military Court.

September 7, 2016 Ruslan Zeytullaev was sentenced to seven years in prison, Ferat Sayfullaev, Rustem Vaitov and Yuri Primov were sentenced to five years' imprisonment. All of them must serve their sentences in a general regime colony.

PHOTO: Facebook Edem Semedlyaev