Lawyer Alexander Popkov, defending the pseudo-saboteurs from Sevastopol "court", commented upon the evidence the FSB demonstrated in the case.

“Arsenal of weapons, which the FSB has left in the apartment of Dmitry Shtyblikov after the search. And which was showed on TV as a clear evidence of criminal activity of the terrible new "Crimean saboteurs."

In fact, the ammunition is intended to play airsoft, shooting balls. Dimitri was very involved in this activity before his arrest. That is where all the camouflage, harnesses and skirts come from.”

He also reported on his Facebook page, that the brother of Dmitry Shtyblikov is detained for questioning by the FSB, and the Russian law enforcers "transferred" three of his clients,  without informing the lawyer of the location, which proves the illegitimacy of the investigation.

Earlier, Alexander Popkov defended Gennady Afanasiev in the Lefortovo court.

Photo: Internet