At a May 25 hearing held at Kiev’s Dnieprovsky District Court, Coordinator of Crimea blockade Lenur Islyamov, gave evidence in the case of Vasily Ganysh, a former MP of the Crimean Parliament.

Right after the annexation of Crimea, Russian MPs voted unanimously for the illegitimate constitution of the so-called republic.

According to Islyamov, he was in the Crimean Parliament at the time of the vote.

“I did not see him (Ganysh) in Crimea, only on TV. I'm aware that he is a Ukrainian MP. On April 11, 2014, the day when Crimea’s Constitution was approved in Russia, I was in the Crimean parliament, and so were all 89 Crimean MPs,” said Lenur Islyamov.

Islyamov went on to say that he does not remember whether Ganysh was in the parliament on that day.

“I went there as a representative of the Crimean Tatar people, who was authorized by the Mejlis. I do not remember seeing Ganysh on that day. According to the screen, all MPs voted but I did not see how exactly Ganysh voted. The Russian anthem was played at the opening and closing of the session,” said Islyamov.

It was reported earlier that SSU (the Security Service of Ukraine) officers held up former Crimean MP Vasily Ganysh at the Kalanchak checkpoint in Ukraine’s Kherson region. The following day Kiev’s Pechersk District Court ruled that Ganysh is to remain in pre-trial custody for 60 days without bail.