Ukraine sent Turkey a list with the names of the Kremlin prisoners, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people, the Presidential Commissioner of Ukraine for Crimean Tatar People Affairs Mustafa Dzhemilev said.

According to him, the list was forwarded to the Turkish Embassy in Kyiv.

“Obviously, the Turkish embassy in Kyiv requested it on the instructions of Erdogan. We sent it a week ago. They also asked for an English variant. Tomorrow morning we will provide the English text," Mustafa Dzhemilev reported on August 27.

Adviser to the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Aresen Zhumadilov explained to QHA that the list of political prisoners contains 99 names. According to him, the listed people are either held in custody and under house arrest or subjected to travel restrictions and fines in criminal proceedings.

"Thus, the list that we provided includes 99 people. In the list, attention is drawn to those who are kept in places of detention," Zhumadilov noted.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appealed to the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev with a request to provide him with a list of Ukrainian political prisoners. According to Dzhemilev, the Turkish leader promised to talk with the President of the Russian Federation on the issue.

Previously, in October 2017 thanks to the Turkish President, the Deputy Chairmen of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, Akhtem Chiygoz and Ilmi Umerov, illegally detained by the Russian authorities, were released and extradited to Turkey.

Source: Hromadske Radio