(QHA) -

Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas has confirmed that Lithuania delivered weaponry to the Ukrainian army at its request.

"We provided humanitarian aid and took in wounded Ukrainian soldiers for treatment. We lived up to our promise and answered the request by providing weaponry. It was free help for a friendly country," -he told journalists in Brussels.

“We're sure that Ukraine's at war for its independence, and European and democratic values. We have to help as much as we can”- he added.

Earlier, Spokesman of the counterterrorism operation Andriy Lysenko announced that Lithuania had provided Ukraine with weapons.

In November 2014, Olekas said that his country was planning to provide help to Ukraine worth EUR 43,500 by giving unused military equipment.

According to BALTNEWS, Lithuania is second last after Luxembourg in NATO defense expenditure. In 2015, military spending will account for 1.1% of GDP, which will bring Defense Ministry spending to the 2008 level.