Lithuanian MP Linas Balsys suggests taking Kaliningrad region away from Russia and return it to Europe.

Balsys voiced several prospects for exclusion of the region. According to the first option, Lithuania is to take away the Russian region, the second option implies that the region goes to the European Union. The third option presupposes a joint decision of Kaliningrad fate.

“The annexation of Crimea showed that the post-war order in Europe is over. Because Russia has violated the rule of inviolability of borders,” Balsys said.

The MP stressed that returning Kaliningrad, Russia will "pay" for the annexation of Crimea in the spring of 2014.

Earlier QHA reported that Lithuania has decided to build a fence on the border with Russia's Kaliningrad region in 2017, since the Russian Federation is perceived as an aggressor country.

Photo: Internet