Speaker of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence on the ATO Andrei Lysenko gave a detailed explanation of the new detention of "saboteurs" by the Russian special services in the annexed Crimea.

“Now we are witnessing a continuation of the false soap opera directed by the Russian FSB under the title "They are everywhere you look." This is another series, another arrest of the alleged "Ukrainian scouts." Russian security services have always resorted to the standard techniques to organize their work. We predicted that it may continue, because it is simply Klondike on the Crimean peninsula. Now, there are reserve officers who had settled before the Russian aggression and occupation of Crimea, people who long ago completed the military service; they were engaged in business, lived there, had their own families. Therefore, there is no need to look for something specifically.”

Earlier, the QHA reported that the Court of Simferopol informed about the arrest of two pseudo-saboteurs from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who were allegedly preparing terrorist attacks in the occupied peninsula.