Maia Sandu, candidate for President of Moldova from "Action and Solidarity Party," called the Russian annexation of Crimea a violation of international law. In an interview, she noted that in terms of the Transnistrian conflict in Moldova, any form of recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia is treason.

“I have an unequivocal opinion: Crimea is part of Ukraine, occupied by the Russian Federation in violation of international law. The statement that Crimea is part of Russia is a form of treason, especially under our conditions: There is also an occupied region in the Republic of Moldova, which is controlled by the separatist regime,” she said Sandu.

According to Sandu, her opponent - the pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon - uses the theme of the Crimea ownership to turn the presidential election vote into the geopolitical one.

Prior to this the presidential candidate from the Socialist Party of Moldova Igor Dodon said that the annexed Crimea is de facto a part of Russia. However, he did not give a clear answer whether he would admit it if elected as President. While previously the leader of the Socialist Party had stated he would do everything not to let that happen in Moldova again, and expressed the hope that Russia would not recognize Transnistria.

Photo: Internet