After securing the backing of Iran, Hezbollah and the Russian Air Force, Bashar Asad’s troops are gearing up for a major offensive against the insurgents, which is expected to take place outside the town of Aleppo.

Preparations are currently underway for a large-scale offensive operation in the province of Hama, reports hvylya.net, citing sources within the Syrian government. Bashar Asad’s troops, reinforced by elite fighters of Shiite militant group Hezbollah and thousands of Iranian soldiers, who have been recently deployed in the area, are ready to launch an operation in the town of Aleppo.

Currently, Asad’s troops are in control of the western part of the town, whereas the other part is controlled by militants from different terrorist groupings. The moderate opposition forces, which are holding positions to the north of the town, are now on the retreat due to an ISIS-launched offensive.