Kiev’s hostels are booked solid after ‘pilgrims’ of an unidentified church have flocked to the capital, QHA cites a hostel’s owner speaking on condition of anonymity.

A woman, who has arrived from Crimea for a few day stay, accidentally overheard a few suspicious looking men (her hostel mates) talk about coming to Kiev for some kind of religious gathering to be held on August 24, 2015. According to them, they number roughly 11 thousand and are all living in hostels.

“Their athletic physique and specific parlance stand in stark contrast with the general perception of church members,“ the woman said. She is scared and cannot vouch for the veracity of the account (because she did not hear the whole story), but she got the impression the men were talking about staging provocations on the Independence Day.

Another hostel’s dweller claims that prior to moving to the hostel she was living in another hotel located in a different section of the city. There, she heard the staff members talk about a large group of church members expected to arrive in the hostel. The hostel’s owner got visibly nervous after the hostel’s dwellers caught wind of that.

Since the start of the week, the social media have been rife with comments of an ultimatum delivered to Petro Poroshenko by the Right Sector members. The text of the ultimatum has been allegedly posted both on Dmitry Yarosh and Right Sector’s Facebook pages.

Needless to say, we have found neither evidence backing up the claim nor the text of the ultimatum.

It follows from the above that if mass provocations are indeed to be staged, they will most likely be perpetrated under the guise of the Right Sector. Given the organization’s popularity with a radically-minded segment of the public, the goal will be to trigger even larger scale protests to further destabilize the situation in the country.

We have handed over the information to the SBU (Ukraine’s Security Service) where they gave it due consideration and promised to take proper action.