Deputy Chairman of Crimean Parliament Remzi Ilyasov has met with Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablaev and 6 six Mejlis Members in Crimea’s Council of Ministers, Crimeainform reported.

The meeting, initiated by Ilyasov, was attended by Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablaev, Mejlis’s deputy head Ayder Adzhimambetov, Mejlis members Ali Khamzin, Bekir Mamutov, Dinara Seytgaziyeva, Ruslan Yakubov, Seydamet Yagyayev, as well as the head of State Committee  for Interethnic Affairs and Deported Citizens Zaur Smirnov, and deputy city mayor of Simferopol Teyfuk Gafarov as well as Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbek.

The sided have discussed “common issues of cooperation between the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people with the government as well as participation of Mejlis in the life of Crimean Tatars, which was declared “unsatisfactory at all”.

Ilyasov urged the Mejlis members “to forget all the personal offences and start working for the benefit of our people”.

“We have a lot of issues and questions for each other and the biggest problem is that we have stopped to discuss them amid personal conflicts between us”- Ilyasov said.

Mejlis Member Ali Hamzin, in turn, stressed that the issues should be settled in accordance with the programs made by the Mejlis, within the Russian law.

Commenting the meeting, Crimea’s deputy head Ruslan Balbek noted, that “people came here at own will, as they understand, it is impossible to protect the interests of Crimean Tatars without cooperation with the government”.

The meeting comes as a member of Mejlis, warned his fellow colleagues to resist Russian pressure aimed at gaining control over the organization.

He pointed out that the authorities are trying to regulate the appointment of a new head of the Mejlis and stressed that if this were allowed to happen, the current Mejlis would become known for betraying the very people it is meant to represent.