The candidate for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Martin Schultz believes that the Russian government is pursuing an aggressive foreign policy, and its actions in the Donbas and the annexation of the Crimea are a gross violation of international law, Deutsche Welle reports referring to the interview with Bild newspaper published on Friday, September 1.
“The government of Vladimir Putin is pursuing an expansive and sometimes even aggressive foreign policy. Some of Russia's actions in Syria ... are absolutely unacceptable," Schultz said.
Furthermore, the candidate for the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany accused Russia of "gross violation of international law in Ukraine through the annexation of the Crimea." He stressed that this was done by a country with veto power in the UN Security Council, which has a special responsibility for ensuring peace.
At the same time, the politician found it difficult to answer the question of how long the occupation of the Crimea could continue. In his opinion, it is possible to resolve this situation only at the negotiating table, since "the Russians have made this a fait accompli and will insist on it."
At the same time, Schultz confessed that he  is not a supporter of Russia's isolation and advocates "for a dialogue with Moscow."
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