In his speech at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Belgrade, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusaglu said that he believes Crimea is a part of Ukraine. 

“Turkey expects respect for Ukraine’s independence, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, including Crimea,” TASS reports Mevlut Cavusaglu as saying. 

Just a reminder: Under the guise of unmarked ‘little green men’, Russia annexed Crimea having conducted illegal referendum in March, 2014. Although, the Russian Federation initially denied its involvement in the events on the peninsula, later on Vladimir Putin acknowledged Russia’s participation in annexation of the territory. In proof of his statement, Crimea and Sevastopol were annexed by Russia on March 21, 2014.

Ukraine immediately responded by adopting a Law on ‘Temporary Occupation of Crimea’, and was supported by the West, that accused Russia of annexing Crimea.