The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed protest, demanding to initiate international investigation and punish those responsible for the shelling of a military aircraft An-26 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the ministry's website.

“A categorical demand was expressed to Russia on cessation of internationally wrongful acts against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including armed provocations in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine, which entail international legal responsibility of the persons involved; as well as on investigation of the incident and punishing the perpetrators,” reads the statement.

Earlier QHA informed that February 1, at 10:20 the aircraft of the Naval Forces of Ukraine An-26 was fired over the Odessa gas field in the Black Sea. The plane was fired with small arms from the small anti-submarine ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The hull of the Ukrainian plane was damaged, the crew was not injured.

Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios reported that the bullet which was shot in the plane of the Ukrainian Navy from the Russian ship at the drilling rig, that the occupiers had stolen from Ukraine, will be sent to the International Criminal Court for further investigation.

Photo: Internet