The Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said at a briefing that the solution to the problem of ratifying the agreement with the European Union should be found soon. He said that this issue largely concerns the domestic politics of the Netherlands and their relationship to the European Union. He also noted that the Dutch are now uncertain about thei impact on the EU's decision.

“Now the political situation is characterized by a skeptical attitude of the Dutch people not to Ukraine but to the European Union, and the desire of some politicians to show that the Netherlands can influence the EU decision and this affects the ratifying greatly... But in the Netherlands I clearly said that for us it is not only a question of free trade zones and the legal and political solutions. For us it is a very emotional issue since the Maidan events began when Yanukovych refused to sign the agreement. This agreement worth lives. And Ukraine has demonstrated that we are able and continue to fight for European integration. Without us, the European project is really impossible. The sooner everyone understands, stops playing the populist sentiment and shows real leadership, then I think it will be better, first of all, for the European Union,” Klimkin said.

Ukrainian People's Deputies expressively responded to the delay in ratifying the agreement between Ukraine and the EU, by the Netherlands who issued the corresponding resolution with an appeal to avoid "discriminatory" decisions. The Prime Minister of Netherlands stated that the solution to this problem will be found by November 1. Today the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again holds talks with senior EU officials on the search for a political solution to this situation.