Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands urged the Russian ambassador to explain the criticism of the investigation into the crash of Malaysian Boeing MH17 aircraft in Donbas, according to Reuters.

Earlier, joint investigation team published a report which said that the plane was hit by the Buk mount, which was brought from Russia to the Ukrainian village of Snezhnoye, and then taken back. According to the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, the unjustified criticism of the investigation is unacceptable. The Russia’s response to the investigation results challenges integrity, professionalism and independence of the investigators.

The Kremlin challenge to the Russian ambassador to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the good news.

July 17, 2014, the aircraft "Boeing", flying from the Netherlands to Malaysia, was hit over the territory of Donetsk region. The disaster killed all 298 people aboard. Western countries and Ukraine believe that the pro-Russian separatists shot the plane down.

Photo: Internet