Ambassador of Poland Jan Pieklo was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in connection with the statements of the Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski in the press, according to the comment on the official website of the department.
“During the meeting with the Polish diplomat, it was noted that the recent statements of the Head of the Polish Foreign Policy Department regarding our state were disappointing for Ukraine.”
The Foreign Ministry noted that Ukraine and Poland should jointly work together to build a common European future, "and not to make demands to each other."
“For Ukraine, the European choice is not only foreign policy, but also a daily bloody struggle and painstaking hard work. It is the Ukrainian people who pay a very high price - hundreds of lives of their best representatives - for the sake of independence, civilization choice, and also for the sake of preventing Russian troops from entering Poland and other EU countries.”
The official Kyiv also drew attention to the need for a more restrained approach of the Polish politician to sensitive historical issues.
“Numerous appeals were mentioned calling to not politicize the sensitive pages of the common historical past, which can be used by a third party to the detriment of the interests of Ukraine and Poland.”
Ukraine noted that the evaluation of certain historical events is the task of historians, "in the context of Ukrainian-Polish relations, these issues are dealt with by the Forum of Historians and the Partnership Forum."
Furthermore, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry considered incorrect the comparison by Waszczykowski of Polish-Ukrainian differences with the conflict between Greece and Macedonia (because of the official name of the latter).
“In politics, every comparison has its own meaning, and given the mutually beneficial strategic partnership and trusting relations between our countries, the comparison with Greece and Macedonia was not quite tactful.”
Earlier, in an interview with the weekly wSieci, Waszczykowski called on Kyiv to settle all historical differences with Warsaw before Ukraine joined the European Union. "Ukraine will not enter Europe with Bandera," according to the Polish Foreign Minister
Waszczykowski went on saying that Poland will veto potential Ukraine's accession to the European Union unless historical issues and minority rights issues are resolved.
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