March 28 at 11:07 a.m. the armed "DPR" militant fired close to the SMM patrol of six Mission personnel in two armored vehicles.

According to the report, a patrol of the SMM composed of six members and two armoured vehicles approached a compound  located on the eastern outskirts of the DPR-controlled settlement of Kozatske (36 km to the north-east from Mariupol). When the patrol was at a distance of about 100 m from the compound, an armed man, standing a few meters from the observers, gestured to the SMM group to stop. The patrol stopped, and the observers saw eight more armed members of the "DPR", who were at one of the buildings on the territory of the compound. Three of them walked towards the patrol. At 30-40 meters from the SMM team, one of the men aggressively indicated that observers should leave the area. Then he fired three times into the air with the assault rifle (AK-47), and then made six more shots at the ground a few meters from where he stood facing the observers.

The SMM team immediately turned around and, leaving this place, heard four more shots and a bust of small arms fire.
The Mission patrol safely returned to the base in Mariupol. The SMM has reported the Joint Control and Coordination Center about this incident.

Earlier, near village of  Zaitsevo in the Donbas, on territory temporarily not controlled by Ukraine, during the combat mission reconnaissance found a bulletproof vest, helmet and projectile for an RPG of Russian production, which has once again confirmed the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine.

PHOTO: Internet​