Russia escalates further confrontation with the world through the military buildup in the occupied peninsula, according to Badrak.

“For two years, the number of Russian troops on the territory of annexed Crimea has increased up to 24 thousand people. Black Sea Fleet has grown to 33 warships and 7 submarines. There are up to 400 armored vehicles in Crimea now,” the journalist said.

He went on to say that the existence of such weapons in Crimea faces a number of military provocations.

“Pantsyr missile-gun systems, Bastion ship complexes as well as small missile ships have appeared on the territory of Crimea. In total - 264 missiles. There are also up to 40 units of Iskander M systems. The missiles are capable of reaching the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania and Germany,” the journalist noted.

In conclusion Valentin Badrak stressed the need to eliminate the production of high-tech weapons in Russian by freezing of advanced military technologies supplies to the country.