More than 40 countries have provided assistance for the construction of a new arch over the object "Shelter" at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Suma Chakrabarti shared some details during a commemorative event on the occasion of the successful completion of the new safe confinement Arch placement over the power unit №4 and the object "Shelter".

“The executors of the project shared the complexity of this task and enthusiasm. I am pleased to report that our goal - "Shelter" - has been achieved. We want this area to be environmentally safe. More than 40 countries have contributed to the Chernobyl Fund. We [the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, - Ed.] Gave $ 7 million. The old shelter has forever disappeared. We must now help the victims of the disaster,” he said, according to QHA correspondent from the scene.

Reference: The New Safe Confinement is a movable structure that is equipped with unique technologies and systems that will allow to transform the "Shelter" into an ecologically safe system. The height of the arch is 110 m, length is 150 m, the width is 260 m and weight of over 31 tons.

The construction will allow the dismantling of the 4th unit, which exploded during the accident, as well as cover the old sarcophagus, which is already 30 years old. The new construction will protect the environment for 100 years.