The leader of Crimean Tatars calls Ukraine’s supplying of Crimea with food, electricity and water a pinnacle of absurdity.

“An oppressive regime persecuting any dissident thought has been installed in Russia-occupied Crimea. And it is Ukrainian patriots that it is primarily targeting. At the same time, Ukraine is supplying Crimea with food, water and electricity. 85% of food products, as well as 80% of water and electricity are being supplied to Crimea, which Russia considers its own, at Ukraine’s expense. Why is that? Isn’t that too expensive to keep the occupation regime going?" Jemilev asked.

Mustafa Jemilev urged to cease supplying Crimea with food products and let Russia bear the burden.

“How come we should bother filling the occupant’s coffers? Those who believe they are feeding Crimeans are very wrong thinking that Ukraine-produced foods reach Ukrainians left in Crimea. Take my word for it – all of that goes to the Russian Federation and gets resold at a profit. And what they earn selling the products is used to sponsor terrorists or ends up in the pockets of Russian oligarchs and Aksyonov. But the problem is that Ukrainian oligarchs also have a vested interest in this!” said Jemilev.

The politician called for the issue to be brought to public attention and resolved.

“Feeding thugs is just wrong! We’ll be making our own conditions and discussing our further steps at a today’s meeting with the President,” said Jemilev.