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Ukraine's defense minister Valery Heletey said on Sunday that NATO countries were delivering weapons to Ukraine to equip it to fight pro-Russian separatists and "stop" Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Heletey did not give details of the weapons being delivered or name the countries involved. He told a news conference he had discussed weapons deliveries in bilateral meetings with NATO defense ministers during a NATO summit in Wales on Sept. 4-5.

NATO officials have said it will not send "lethal assistance" to non-member Ukraine but member states may do so.

Earlier this month, a senior Ukrainian official said Kiev had agreed on the provision of weapons and military advisers from several members of the U.S.-led alliance. Four of the five countries named, including the United States, denied this.

At least some 2,600 people have been killed in five months of conflict in east Ukraine, where Ukrainian soldiers fight pro-Russian separatist.

A fragile ceasefire has been in place since 5 September, despite recent outbreaks of violence around key flashpoints such as Donetsk airport.