Euro-Atlantic Alliance supports the aspirations of Ukraine in receiving full NATO membership, Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said.

“Ukraine is a close partner of the Alliance. We support the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine,” Secretary General noted.

. According to the information available, Secretary General did not comment on whether Ukraine was included in the list of states, which declare the desire to gain full-fledged membership in the Alliance.

In the official statements of NATO, three countries were mentioned in this list so far: Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia. Ukraine informed the Alliance of its desire to become a member of this organization in 2017.

Regarding further cooperation between NATO and Ukraine, the Secretary-General said that reforms are now a priority.

“Now we should focus on reforms that lead Ukraine to NATO,” Stoltenberg emphasized.

Reportedly, as of October 2017, the Armed Forces of Ukraine complied with 150 NATO standards. The information on the matter was presented at a press conference devoted to the cooperation between Ukraine and NATO on October 31.