NATO is ready to approve the creation of two new command structures against the background of tense relations with the Russian Federation.

New command structures are intended to improve the logistics of the allies and protect supply lines. They are also aimed at overcoming weaknesses in any potential conflict with Russia.

According to the information received, the defense ministers of the Alliance member countries are to reconsider the new command structure at the meeting in November.

Reportedly, their recommendations will state the need to ensure faster movement of people and equipment, which will be the objective of one of the new structures.

Another structure is to be located in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Its function will be to protect against enemy submarines sea lanes, critical for supplies to Europe.

NATO has not yet decided on how much funds will be allocated on the new commands.

Earlier, NATO began the deployment of a new multinational brigade on the territory of Romania. The grounds for the need for such strengthening are directly related to the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea by Russia and Russian aggression in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The tasks of the unit, in particular, will include the patrolling of the Black Sea.

Source: The Wall Street Journal